Michelangelo Was RIght

Michelangelo had a unique take on his calling. In a nutshell, he believed the vision-the creation- was in the block of stone all the time, his gift was finding it, and knowing what to chisel away, to free it.

As a sculptor creates a fine and detailed piece of art from a block of stone,  building The Refreshed Home has been a process.  Starting with a mass of raw material (a.k.a an idea and a purpose) , it’s an ongoing process of defining and refining, taking action and re-evaluating.

Like Michelangelo,  I have been chiseling away whatever doesn’t look like my business.  One of the elements  I have been  more finely chiseling away in recent months are people with the wrong attitudes.

Also like a sculptor, I don’t ‘judge’ what is chiseled away… or make hasty decisions.  I observe first, and if it is not part of what my vision,  it’s gone and I move on, closer to what is part of my vision.

A long time ago I stopped courting agents who were always VERYBUSY (and yes, who were also VERYIMPRESSED by themselves!).  Agents and sellers whose first question was HOW MUCH. And agents who were just grateful to get a listing, any listing,  their MO was just handing the keys of the bus to the seller.

As I have worked with more and more agents, my vision has become clearer, sharper, stronger.

That vision now includes agents who are REALTORS, and FULL-TIME, thank you very much. Designations tell me they value education.

ZIP codes, or dollar amounts of their listed properties don’t interest me as much as the quality and quantity of their listing photos, and how long it has been on the market.

Since no two properties or seller circumstances are the same, REALTORS who ‘get’ that my detailed proposals are like their CMAs  are a big part of my vision. I also look for REALTORS who DEMONSTRATE their commitment to service, and to managing the people as well as the process.

Because my focus is about getting things done, and results, those struggling to find a good way to make things work will always have me in their corner, if they desire. And ohyes, NICE still counts for a lot in my book…besides the obvious, I don’t have time to try to make things work if it’s a bad fit.

 Success speaks louder than words…or pricey cars…or social media blitzes. If no one is looking at your properties, or you are getting no offers, there is a reason. But don’t take my word for it…call me today, let me put you in touch with some of these sellers and REALTORS who once were where you are…but have had their visions realized.