My Favorite Christmas Movie

Jonesing for a romantic movie? But it’s a week before Christmas, you need to get some spirit, relax and have some giggles too, but only have a little time?

 Love Actually is the Christmas movie that gets me in all those groves. Well, it’s more of a lovee story…OK, more like 8 love stories. And yes, at Christmas.

Set in England at the start of the holiday season, we come to know some very different people with amazingly intersecting lives, all in search of meaning, and love.  

Before your gag reflex kicks in, or the menfolk suddently remember it’s time to get those outdoor lights up-let me tell you, not all the stories are happily ever after. Some are light-hearted and sweet, others bittersweet; and Liam Neeson’s character has become particularly poignant.

 Some characters meet in quite unorthodox ways (hence the “R” rating), so wouldn’t make it part of Family Fun night.

Since it came out in 2003, probably have seen it close to a dozen times. Have been a fan of Colin Firth since his days as Mr. Darcy (no one plays the sensitive, still-waters-run-deep persona better), but I still cheer Hugh Grant, opposite an obnoxious Billy Bob Thornton.

I still feel Emma Thompson’s pain, and grin with Kris Marshall’s Wisconson-bound, unlucky-in-love Colin Frissel. I ache with Laura Linney, and angst along with Mark, in his unwanted love triangle with Kiera Knightly.

Funny, endearing and contemporary; the opening and closing scenes are unabashedly sentimental and uplifting. See it this week if you can, and let me know what you think.