Naughty Listing Photo Fails #10: Sprawl

Listing photos quickly present the look and story of a property, so interested/qualified buyers show up, picture1putting sellers on the path to sell quickly and well.  But be careful of how much information your photos convey!

Listing photos that tell the story of who’s living there, why they’re selling give buyers info they will use to negotiate against the seller.

As a Stager my job is to protect my sellers’ best interests; so here’s The Refreshed Home’s gift to sellers everywhere:  #10 of My Top 10 Naughty Listing Photo Fails.

#10 SPRAWL Whether in listing photos or in person, anytime things are left out, the immediate message is there is not enough storage space.

We ALL have stuff, but having enough space to keep it out of sight is a top priority for buyers. Order and harmony in their new home is part of the dream.












Buyers will look in closets and cabinets. So-no matter how numerous the closets or cabinets may be, how neatly things may be arranged: if counter tops are full, if closets are overflowing, if things are hanging off doors-buyer takeaway is there is not enough storage space.

Edit, and start to pack out of season items, and develop the discipline of putting things away as soon as you know you know you’ll be selling.

santa-graham35-copyBONUS POINTS: Closets with linens and clothing in color order, pantries with like food items grouped together. Seriously-it costs nothing to do this, takes little time and makes the biggest impression.

Yes I know it’s a pain. But I promise you, not nearly as painful as a long, drawn out selling process! Contain sprawl now, you will think of me, and send me thank-you vibes from the closing table!

TOMORROW: #9 Naughty Photo Fail Vacant Rooms without Context