“OK, You’re A Stager…What Do You Actually DO?”

“OK, You’re A Stager…What Do You  Actually DO?”

Many professions bring more to the table than some snazzy ideas, or the completions of tasks. Home professionals in particular touch a chord in ways not easily understood, unless it’s your home, your space or your stuff.

Have been thinking a lot about some of my recent jobs, and what they were about besides picking the right paint color, or adding better light. Here are some examples of the jobs, and what came of them.

I am quick, quality decisions  to investors, landlords and  flippers who need to get in, then out of a property.

I am the fresh start that qualified renters and buyers are looking for.

I am time and money saved to those who need to purchase things, but haven’t shopped for years.

I am a facilitator of  long-stilled hopes and dreams.

I am found time to REALTORS, and the cohesion between contractors.

I am simplicity, speed and clarity to those who want to get on with their lives.

I am relief to those who have so much stuff they don’t know where to start.

I am the voice of reason that keeps it from getting personal when  frustrated couples can’t find common ground.

I am, sometimes, the common ground.

I am specific direction to those who can do it themselves, but aren’t quite sure what they should do.

I am a reasonable way the local small businesses and storefronts build their business.

I am new eyes to a buyer who can’t quite see potential in an outdated property.

I am a trusted friend and guide to sellers who are both overwhelmed by both tasks and emotions as they change stages in life.

I am clear-thinking, support and encouragement to families as they deal with loss, or change.

AND I am a great alternative to the dreaded best friend of the mother-in-law who has a knack!


If you have a property that no one is looking at, or  making any offers on, there is a reason.  Talk to me now, I help people make wise plans and good decisions about their space and their stuff. Let’s get your property sold/rented, so you can get on with your life.