On-Demand Design: How The Refreshed Home Rolls!

On-Demand Design is how The Refreshed Home does home design. It’s acronym (ODD) belies how user-friendly, efficient and very practical the process is.  

On-Demand Design gets things done by way of an open-ended agreement. There is no long-term commitment.  Simply, clients determine how much help they want as their project unfolds.

  • So first, you’re a client! We’ve met, we’ve talked. There is a connection, we’ve agreed to  work together
  • TRH gets you and your project going in the right direction, taking as much (or as little) time as you want.
  • You run with things on your own, and contact me if/when you need more design mojo
  • I‘m paid by the hour, against a retainer based on the projected scope of the job

On-Demand Design is a philosophy. You get what you need and want, then get on with your life!

On-Demand Design is quick, specific and economic. You define the work, you control the process and the cost.

On-Demand Design is local, and personal. You get me, Marie Graham! My entire career has been in home design and home staging in Westchester County. Untangling, and bettering the relationship Westchester County-ites have with their space and their possessions is what I do!

Useful for the uncertain and accomplished alike, and in almost any type of space. Buying, selling, or staying and improving in Westchester County NY?  On-Demand Design helps you fill in the blanks, connect the dots, build the bridge (and whatever other metaphor you can come up with 🙂 ) to get you where you want to be.

  • For sellers: Interactive, walk and talk consults put maximum ideas/high ROI info in your hands quickly, for the least cost. Also-how best to get you out of one space, and into another!
  • For buyers: Assessment of potential properties to purchse to pre-closing strategy so you can get a head start on the work. Can include cost estimates, space planning and color consults
  • For homeowners:  As above, plus no timeline pressure! Gathering ideas/info is an efficient preliminary step in long-range planning
  • For builders and other investors: You have the tools and resources; I help you choose the right details, and add polish

Change happens, it can be a good thing! Curious or interested? Talk to me today about On-Demand Design for your project!