Orange You Glad??

The calls usually start with “I only need a little help….”, “It’s  a small project…”, “I have ideas, but don’t know where to start”, or sometimes just “I don’t know if this is what I’m looking for, but….”  

   Knock, Knock!

Recon calls. Most had never worked with someone like me, or had ever heard of e-consults before. And while they wanted some help, they just didn’t see themselves as a design or home staging kind of client.

Cost was almost always top of mind, but as in the ability to control them more than any actual number. Do e-consults actually work? Would the personalities mix?  Overcoming a partner’s skepticism, or scheduling issues also weighed on their mind. Callers were different mixes of apologetic, defensive, overwhelmed, embarrassed, or intimidated.

Getting a property ready for sale, or starting to think about doing updates to your home can be unnerving. And yet after almost 30 years of access to 24/7 home-centric media, user-friendly doesn’t typically come to mind when you think about the design and home staging industries. SMH.

                                                           Who’s there?

Getting you what you need and want, in the way they need to receive and process it has always been what The Refreshed Home does best. E-consults were one of those tools, but that path had been obscured. Until now.

I’ve been doing e-consults for years. It removes barriers and quickly solves problems in easy, low-tech ways. Via talk, later Skype/now ZOOM,  websites, online and live video we talk through their spaces and their processes. Where they feel stuck, and how they can get un-stuck.

Its devotees accept and embrace what they don’t know.  A’la the For Dummies mindset, they don’t judge themselves. Instead, they actively seek to understand, then act, making changes so they can get on with their lives. Trouble was, The Refreshed Home’s digital footprint is expansive, at odds with what this one-and-done type of client was looking for.

ORANGE! Orange who?

So rather than re-work something that was actually working pretty well for its clients,  I created a new company to make it easier for this other kind of client to find me!

Introducing Orange Boom.  ORANGE for its happy, vibrant energy;  BOOM for fast, impactful change.


High-touch online problem-solving for design and real estate needs.

On-point, and on-trend, convenient and contactless.

Room by room, how to get it ready for its close-ups (aka listing pics)

Or, step by step coaching on your process and priorities.

Accompanied online shopping, or digging into layouts, color schemes, or budgets.

See more on IG. Learn more, and contact us here.

Orange You Glad?

Knock, knock