MORE Outdated Decor That Will Sink Your Westchester County Listing

free_2491598Selling? Three numbers this Westchester County Home Stager tells sellers to remember:  

  • 6-8 seconds (max) for a potential buyer to assess your listing photos then decide to find out more or CLICK! go on   to the next
  • 90-120 seconds from the time their house is in eyesight potential buyers will know if it’s on their short list (or not)
  • 30 days on the market, after that it’s old, potential buyers conclude something is wrong, that no one else picked it

“Outdated” decor  will deter traffic, invite even more scrutiny on the costly/infrastructure things, and ring the dinner bell for low-ballers who’ll think you have to sell. Here are more of the worst offenders The Refreshed Home has found, and remedied.  Do yourself a favor, fix any that apply so your listing photos engage, and make the most of your time with buyers and agents.

Old, Droopy Bedding  Threadbare sheets, flat pillows, mis-matched pillowcases-YUK!  Gross, (an no pics necessary) but SO sad, because $200 at Home Goods could get you a total bed makeover. Just do it, you’ll like yourself better in the morning!

Peach anything  Besides perms and leg warmers, few things scream 1980s like the color peach. Shown with blue it howls (usually in French Provincial-ese);  mixed with aqua, pink and blue you get Miami condo or Southwestern. Pastels in general read as  “cute” and diminutive in photos-qualities that do not put money in your pocket.

viewer_1 (1)


Never noticed the marble surround on the fireplace first time I saw thing LR. YES it was done very well…in its day. The sellers were extremely resistant, but wanted to sell, and 6 months on the market doing it their way did not work. Two coats of HC-81 Manchester Tan got them multiple offers the first weekend, all over ask. REALLY.

Highly decorated rooms, overly coordinated patterns and highly structured window treatments Yes I know you paid a lot of money for it at the time. And yes your sellers can guess that as well. But they don’t like it/don’t care/are not going to pay you a pro-rated share of it.

We all crave sanctuary and calm these days; solid contrasting colors with texture to break it up photographs as polished, warm and interesting.

White, or Linen White Walls  Nothing says Nanna’s house (or, frankly, ‘Estate Sale’) faster than white, or off-white walls. Even a fresh coat of linen white does not read as anything in pictures. Saturated neutrals will engage the eye, warm and define the space, while highlighting the detail in any trimwork, like panel doors, cove mouldings, and such.

Wall to wall carpet  Carpet holds the debris of life: pets, dust, dirt, spills, odors.  Allergies and asthma are epidemic, BIG red flag. Pre 1970s houses often  have wood floors under, after that it could go either way. If there’s wood, pull it all up. You may just win the floor lottery and get by with a damp mop, but either way, no what-ifs, you and buyers will know right away what is.

Builders’ Basics This 60’s split level was in a Hudson Rivertown known for its Tudors and Colonials. Nice wood floor, but that painted, swirly builders’ basic wrought iron railing was a bummer.



Simple turned wood spindles and an oak handrail to match the floors took about a week to install, and cost about $3000. It was the first thing buyers saw. Multiple offers the first week, highest and best netted the client almost $20K over list. REALLY.

Thinking of selling your Westchester County house?  Old, listless listing? Before you go on the market…before you consider a(nother) price reduction, talk to me today about getting your house noticed, and SOLD!