Paraphrasing Mr. Rogers: Look for the SHARERS

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would  say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are  helping.’ “Look for the Sharers

While I don’t remember watching Mr. Rogers as a child, thanks to social media, these now-familiar words have comforted, and given focus, hope and equilibrium to many (myself included) who’ve had their roots rocked by sudden, senseless violence, and catastrophic loss.

In my mind, the economy’s slow stabilization and recovery has paralleled the efforts to we’ve each had to make, to battle back from the recent series of tragedies that have attacked out homes, and invaded our psyche.

As my business has grown, I’ve been increasingly grateful for fellow professionals who’ve generously, graciously given of their time and thoughts…. but how to put it to words without sounding all prissy-or snarky about it?  A week of  back-to-back meetings and events crystallized it completely for me-so, paraphrasing Mr. Rogers, LOOK FOR THE SHARERS.

While cut from the same cloth, I think the Sharers are a little different from the Helpers. Circumstances might not be as dire, or as visceral, but Sharing-whether it’s half a PBJ, or-in my case-thoughts on creative problem-solving in business-is giving that feels much more personal. 

Sharers are givers. They extend themselves, and don’t keep a scorecard. They will be happy for you and your success, and tend to be at peace with the the world at large.  Their sharing will beget other acts of kindness, and they know it’s by giving, they receive (ok, Mr. Rogers ‘sharing’ credit here with St. Francis of Assisi).

In my own circles, I’m fortunate to know many Helpers, and Sharers, and I am so grateful to, and for them all.  Of late, I want to give a special shout-out to fellow local Stagers Julia Vigernon-MaherBirgit Anich, and Allison Segretto, as well as Ann and Kenneth Hutter of Kenneth Hutter Auctions, and four   Realtors I am thrilled to now know-Eva Maria Casoria, Gail Fatizzi,  Pat Palumbo, and Joan Solimine.

Last-Sharers and Helpers just make life easier, and more pleasant. So whether you want to work with me, or hire me, it’s good to know this is how I work, and these are the kind of people I choose to work with, and want to meet more of.

Thank you Mrs. Rogers, and yes, let’s all remember to look for, and when we can-BE-the Helpers and Sharers.