Paying It Forward, One Shoebox At A Time

In addition to this blog, I also post on Active Rain, the online community for Real Estate Professionals, 196K strong.  Because what I do is so localized, my posts usually start here, and then get edited to fit their wider audience, but this time it’s the other way around.

I would characterize the AR membership as comprised of forward-thinking, busy and successful professionals that share, challenge and support each other, in their lives and communities,  as well as their profession.

Last week I read a post that moved me greatly, Operation Christmas Child. It was originally writen by an agent in Georgia,  then passed on by another in Oregon, here is the link to it all:

I’m reading and thinking-this is a worthwhile and easy enough entity, but Georgia? Oregon? Out of curiousity, I clicked to find the nearest collection point. Guess what? The Master’s Vineyard Christian Fellowship in PLEASANTVILLE!! Yes, like 8 miles from where I live, right on 117 by Pace.

Went there Monday and met Evans Sabwami. He is an Assistant Pastor at the Fellowship, and has been co-ordinating these drives here since 1999. Walking in, it was hard not to notice the 53′ long trailer in the parking lot. I know how much furniture fits in one of those trailers, so  thinking that was an optimistic goal with shoeboxes,  I knocked on the door.

Imagine my surprise when I found out last year this collection point collected 22,000 shoeboxes, and that this was the first of TWO trailers they were anticipating filling.

Wait, there’s more.

Do you know what these kids want/need/so appreciate? Crayons. Paper. Pencils. Books. Small toiletries. YUP< school supplies, small toys and arts and crafts things are big…the sort of stuff we would just put in our shopping cart at the supermarket, and not give a second thought to, the stuff we would pick up at the Dollar Store.

Collection week is thru this Monday, November 22nd, 4 more days. Last year 8 million kids were so lovingly gifted, could you add to that number this year?

Click on here for details inc. hours, directions, and how to pack a box.