Perspective is Everything

While at Parsons I came to both love and hate perspective drawing.  Appreciated and loved looking at it, dizzied and confounded trying to create it.

Perspective drawing exists to give you more information. It adds depth and dimension. Its vanishing points create visual guardrails that define the image. The more vanishing points, the more details, and the more clearly you can see and understand a complex idea or image.

The last few years of pandemic living has changed many of our internal guardrails, giving each of us new perspectives and new priorities. I’d like to think its helped each of us re-evaluate: dropping what is unhelpful while clarifying/expanding/adopting more of whatever is most important, whatever’s nearest to our heart.

Q4 always gets my inner design anthropologist going. IMO it’s invigorating and empowering to understand where we’ve been, what we’ve learned along the way. It helps us navigate better, HECK even just be bettered in the days ahead.

Here’s how that correlates with how design and home staging have evolved over the years:

  • The 1-point-0 version of design or home staging was simple, just how something looked.
  • The 2-point-0 version added what it cost to the mix. This is what you see in the media. Conventional, prevailing wisdom….but it’s not so helpful or satisfying. This is where-and why!- so many get stuck.
  • 3-point-0 is The Refreshed Home’s version. More complex, its how it all relates to you.

Yes, that’s right! TRH considers you, the client to be that third vanishing point. It sounds so …obvious, but bears reinforcing. IMO collaboration creates the smoothest process, and the best results. Why would how things look, feel, and work for you not be part of the equation?

This 3-point-0 version of perspective gives you power, but also requires an investment: Time for some introspection so you know, and can take ownership of your own happy. Then, conversation without any judgements (they only get in the way!) It’s been my experience that even 15 minutes of our unfettered exploration of ideas and priorities are incredibly helpful and empowering.

I typically get more information early on in design/update consults, and give the client more info when it’s a pre-listing consult. Every consult is different, but overall, they’re pretty fluid. Beyond what could be/should be done, we talk about why. Also how: who’ll do what, how long will it take and how much will it cost.

Pre-listing or design consults put info, ideas, and tools in your hands so you can go on to make your own best decisions. We can also work with you on implementation….but if/how would be part of our first conversation. 🙂

Curious? Just start the conversation!