Picking Paint Colors: Really That Much Fun??

Picking Paint Colors: The New Aphrodesiac?SO…I’m looking for a new image for my website to represent Color Consults. A picture is worth 1000 words so it’s got to be right. Paint color selection is one of my most popular services, but geez louise! These folks in stock photo-land are having waaaay too much fun picking paint colors on their own.

Seriously, just google it. Couples picking paint colors. I’ll wait.

Happy, smiling folks, such communication, what tenderness!  All cuddly and kissy-poo, they’re laying on the floor, hugging, smooching on the ladder, or entangled in drop cloths. They’re painting oversize hearts on the wall, she’s got the fan opened, he’s got a roller in his hand and has googly-eyes for her. Frankly, it felt voyeuristic…but also got me thinking, maybe Doug and I had some painting to do….


Scrolling through I am struck at HOW LITTLE whoever sets these photos up know about what really happens when people pick paint colors. Or maybe the truth is just…not so photogenic?

Picking paint colors is like any other skill. Like being able to ice skate, or having a way with prize-winning tomatoes. You’re not an inherently better person if you are good at it, and you’re not a lesser one if you’re not. But it flummoxes and frustrates many.

For the record, I don’t ice skate, and have had fair results with Roma and cherry tomatoes. But picking paint colors is a professional skill I do well. 

Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Proximity: Fixed/semi-fixed or more costly elements like tile, wood finishes, or countertops
  • Quantity: How big is this space?  A red powder room could be cool, in a vast common space like an entry/LR/DR, not so much
  • Intent: Orange is a vibrant, happy color. Great in laundry room or kids’ playroom; but not in their BRs come bedtime
  • Orientation/natural lighting: Deeper tones like navy or hunter will read as such with an E, W, or S exposure; but more like black with an N exposure.
  • Artificial Lighting: Bulb color matters tremendously!

So finally I “found” my photo….then promptly lost it by accidentally closing that window. I continue to search, but I remember it exactly. The camera is in back of one person who’s holding up samples against the wall. A man faces this person. He’s got weekend stubble, and a coffee cup in hand. AND he’s rolling his eyes. SEE? So my search continues…

The right color paint costs the same as the wrong color paint…but the wrong color can cost you. Paint color consults translate your vision into the right color on your walls, interior, or exterior.

The Refreshed Home is Westchester’s independent, award-winning listing prep and design consultancy, ready to reinvigorate your space (or, help you update to sell). Call if I can help! Yes, we’ll have a good time picking paint colors…and I’ll be sure to lock the door behind me as I leave.