Plan B: Redesign and Home Staging E-Consults

OK, so many typical activities that go into the listing, showing, buying and selling of real estate have (rightfully) been restricted.  While moving toward easing up, much will be re-examined and re-invented long after COVID has been vanquished. So let’s talk about e-consults!

The Refreshed Home has always worked in two parts: Consult, and Implementation. The latter is as it sounds, I facilitate getting things done. In the former, I help you frame out your plan.

Not just what needs to be done and why, but

  • How will it happen
  • How long will it take
  • How much will it cost
  • Who’s going to do what

Design and home staging is a personal service and on-site, face to face meetings had been the norm. But E-consults have been part of TRH’s business for a long time. Not that long ago I had 4 consults in one day that spanned 3 time zones and 2 continents!

Previously e-consults have appealed to the genuinely handy, the physically distant, or the over-scheduled as well as the shy or skeptical who want some distance to check me out first. And  BTW, that’s ok, because TRH is always about people getting the information they need, in the way they want to receive it.

It’s not complicated, here’s how it works:

  • A brief phone call determines it’ll be a good fit
  • You have an internet connection, and a laptop or tablet
  • We schedule.  I send you a Zoom invite, and prepayment is made via PayPal
  • You click a link-that’s it. We talk first to bring me up to speed
  • You walk me through the property using the camera on your device
  • We get specific about what to do as we go through

In challenging times its empowering and calming to focus on what you can do, and then get it done. If you are a seller or would -be home improver in-waiting (and getting tired of waiting!) now is the time to start the conversation, to plan and get ready. E-consults are a quick, easy and helpful way to get started. Curious? Let’s talk!!