Planning A Smooth Move

One in five people will move this year, and 45% of these moves will happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day.   If you plan to be one of the 8 to 10 million households that are expected to move this summer, here are some tips that could save you drama, heartache, even some bucks.

A little pre-planning goes a long way.  Joe Barone, owner of JB Moving and Storage has been moving Westchester and Fairfield county families since 1985, here are his top tips to help smooth the process:

First-leave yourself  enough time: Interview movers as early as possible. Ask about their experience,  their range of services, their specialties.  What was the most unusual move they  ever handled?  How do they find and hire workers, and how long have workers typically been with the company? How do they keep a consistent level of quality during this peak time?  Ask for,  and follow up on the company’s client references.

Make as many  decisions about your stuff that you can, before you get quotes. This makes getting accurate,  apple-to-apple comparisons easier.

Keep last minute decisions to a minimum.  Deciding to leave, give away, store or have delivered to a third party will  change your price. Day-of decision leaves you little recourse other than to pay  them what they tell you to.  Follow up your decisions with deadlines, have a  back-up plan, and stick to it. If your sister doesn’t pick up the sofa by X  date, it goes to recipient #2.

Get detailed  quotes in writing, after a site visit. This will the ‘what, there are  stairs?’ or ‘you want us to pack that?’ on-site  issues with the crew.

Assume nothing. Especially that you will get ‘a  deal’. NYS-DOT does not let these vendors  ‘throw in’ anything. In fact, they have  to register their fee schedule with the state on an annual basis.  Get costs of all packing materials, agreement of what will be put together, installed,  etc.

Only hire a licensed and insured mover. Depending on your move, your consumer rights are protected either by a local  (staying within your state) or federal (crossing state lines) agency. These agencies license and regulate the carriers. As a consumer, you are on your own if you choose to do business with an unlicensed, uninsured business.  Check to see they are members in good standing with both the   Better Business Bureau , and the Department of Transportation.

Last-this is my suggestion:  Inspired by-some might even say spoiled by!-JB’s own facility and operation-Ask  to visit the warehouse. See the operation, check out their trucks. Is it clean, and orderly?  Are the movers wearing some type of uniform? In my  experience, appearances and condition of equipment are indicative of the  operation as a whole, as well as how you and  your possessions will be treated.

 The Refreshed Home~Because Experience Matters, and Kindness Counts