Purposefully Capturing Happy Moments

Quotes inspire me. Several years ago Ellyn Spragins put together her first book of letters famous and semi-famous women wrote to their younger selves, What I Know Now.

Reflecting on what was a dark and stressful time in her 30’s, full of work, family obligation and illness, Olympia Dukakis counseled her younger self, observing that “‘You will come to understand that by purposefully capturing happy moments, you expand the soul.”

On a daily basis I misplace keys, glasses, and the like; and torture myself with-did I lock the door/leave water for the dog/flush?-but I remember this quote, it always centers me.

Sunday I not only purposefully captured a bunch of happy moments on my own, I witnessed others doing the same. 

Two wonderful, funny and very smart friends-Deb Swee and Patrice Costa-after both jumping ship from their corporate backgrounds- launched a new venture; Doug and I-along with Bruce and Ginny* attended the inaugural event. (*Regular readers will know that Bruce and Ginny are Dougs’ and my partners in crime fairly often; always up for a new adventure, or checking out a new place, they are voracious foodies, and this was definitely up their alley.)

Culinary Collaborations looks to their fan base for feedback in creating all types of interactive food  events. Upcoming events include an organic farm tasting/tour, making gnocchi with Hannah Hopkins of TV’s Chopped! , Seafood 101 and a more casual Burgers and Sides event.

Our event Sunday was Sunday Supper at Cutillo’s Restaurant in Carmel. The house Chef Patrick Cutillo was raised in has now been open as a restaurant since the early 90’s, an running it really is a family affair.

The first event was making fresh mozzarella-right in front of us! Cheese curd, hot water and salt, who knew?? I just assumed you needed to be in proximity to dairy animals to make cheese…something I was pretty sure the co op board would not be pleased with.

Said mozzarella quickly became a delicious Caprese salad; and was followed by pork tenderloin with peach brandy sauce, Giombotto (a diced and simmered vegetable dish) and Aborino rice.


Not only a great meal enjoyed in a charming setting with a very social group, but a unique and-seriously-very reasonably priced  experience: this event-cooking lessons, and 3 course meal with glass of wine, coffee, tax and gratuity was $67.00 per person.

New events are always being planned, check it out, your soul will thank you!!