Read this Book: The Icarus Deception

The future economy will not be based on making things (we ALL already have waaaay too much stuff)…nor will it be solely on ‘smart’ people, or information. No, value in the future economy will be based on people who can connect these dots for others.

So is the message from Seth Godin’s most recent book, The Icarus Deception. Well, that’s one of the messages I’ve gotten so far, about 1/3 of the1 way into it.

Realized FB has re-wired my brain for real reading>you know, books, the things with lots of paragraphs, and fully developed thoughts!-but am fighting back, lucky for me I picked such a good book to start.

Have found this book to be like a very rich dessert, I have to keep putting it down and step back, to absorb and assimilate. But it puts words to everything I’ve ever thought about work, and what I’ve ever believed about being in business for myself.

If you work for yourself, or are thinking about making the jump, RUN to your local bookstore (or library) and get this book. REALLY.