Who ARE All These People in Your Transaction?? (Part 1 of 4)

In the initial stages of a RE transaction, there are 3 main players: the seller, the buyer , and the REALTOR(s).

 Researchers have defined four main ways people make decisions.  For fun-let’s ID them by parts of the body: the head, the heart, the gut and the smile.

No one style is ‘best’, and while we have characteristics of each, there are one to two styles we typically operate under. Multiply it out, there are dozens of potential personality combinations in a transaction.

In personal relationships, we tend to gravitate to people who we can identify with. Business decisions modeled to our own tastes would connect well  25% of the time, but would effectively miss the other 75%. 

Recognizing these different styles, and understanding what makes each tick gives you a fighting chance to make  good connections,  across the board. Here is Part One, of Four on how to reach your widest audience.

The Gut  These are people that operate quickly, on confidence and instinct. There is no dilly-dallying, they are direct, and all about business. They know what they want, and they usually want it right away.  They are punctual and prepared, and expect the same of others.

Whether your agent is representing you as a buyer or a seller, to a degree you want this quality to be present in your agent. This type could also be a dream buyer: they will usually know right away if they want to buy your house, but they have no interest in ‘trying to visualize’.

You usually have one shot to reach these buyers, and if they don’t see it in it’s best shape first go-round, well-they’re off to see another house that is worthy of their time.  They are not mean-spirited, just efficient, and unimpressed with people who don’t give it their best the first time.

Sellers who typically operate in this manner have a big challenge in this market. Resistant to input, and used to being in charge, they are in the unfamiliar position of having to…well, consider what other people (buyers) want to see, and then wait for them to make an offer.

I’ve found that clean spaces, and sometimes stronger lines and accent colors appeal to these buyers; organization, as well as regular and concise communications-usually by 9am-give comfort to these sellers and agents.

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