Real Estate Myths for $1000 Please

Deadlines are not bad. For many of us, having structure and accountability is how we get things done. But there will always be deadlines. And I suggest creating artificial, anecdotal, or unrealistic ones can backfire.

In real estate circles, many see Super Bowl Monday as the Holy Grail, aka Best Day to List (“EVAH”  if you’re from MA and the Pats were in it this year). But not everyone likes or cares about football, or would be inclined to choose a largely social event over their house-hunting efforts.

So yes, LOTS of reasons why sooner is always better than later. Sure, Super Bowl Monday is a great day to list. But there are others. Here in Westchester County there are numerous factors working in sellers’ favor.

IMO, Best Day to List is when you are ready and your property is the best it can be. Work with a knowledgeable agent. Know your market, and your buyers, and be ready before you have to.

Planning to sell, but not ready yet? Don’t fret!! (Or worse, move the goalposts to “Fall Market”!!)Talk to me…umm…anytime after the game about getting your property its market-ready best.

In the meantime, a funny reminder from the beloved Jeopardy!, and terribly missed Alex Trebek that yes indeed, we all have different drivers.

Marie Graham IS a football fan, and an experienced and reasoned Westchester County NY home stager. Her businesses The Refreshed Home and OrangeBoom specialize in preparing occupied properties for sale via in-person and online consults.