The Refreshed Home: Reflections and Numbers From 2013

Westchester County Real Estate in 2013 was a mixed bag. While recovery is still due for some, it certainly brought solid  improvement for many. imagesCAN2DHIF

While I love what I do anyway, 2013 affirmed much of what I believed in, and hoped for when I started The Refreshed Home in 2007.

Every category and number on my radar was up from 2012. Very proud, very very grateful.  Thank you, and OHYES, congratulations to the brokers, agents and sellers who believed in me, and with me.

  • The Refreshed Home had a hand in $43.6M worth of new residential listings in 2013.
  • 28 listings sold for a combined priced of $19,417,550.  Nine were at, or over ask.
  • Average sold property was $693,484. Six solds were seven-figure properties;  two were $160K coops.
  • Additionally, 7  more- total listing value of $7.138M are in contract, due to close in the weeks to come.
  • 8 new properties are preparing themselves at this moment, due to come on by February 1st.

Again, overwhelmingly, projects were for occupied spaces. Most used what they had/could otherwise procure on their own. Two rented furniture, some others were vacant, but left in good repair, clean and pristine with minor updates.

The Refreshed Home’s specialty is…specialties. Other trends emerged, and specialty services continued to evolve:

  • Two projects were single family homes that were rented.
  • Three sellers became very surprised buyers when their Staged property sold much more quickly than anticipated (!!).  TRH  transitioned two downsizing , and one upsizing family into their new spaces
  • Live listing photo styling, working with the photographer got more versions of spaces, quicker for several oversize and tricky spaces
  • Accessory Rental took off, necessitating taking a warehouse space in the spring to house my inventory of cool art, linens, lighting and tabletop
  • Several sellers who liked my take/taste on all of the above decided to work with me and purchase items instead of renting

Staging your Westchester County property to get it noticed and sold is of course about how it looks. But it is also about the people, and the process, the relationships. Effective solutions start with a conversation to determine what will be done, and by whom.  The right solutions, combined with the right person will put more money in your pocket faster, and also ease your mind.

The Refreshed Home works with nice people, who want to work with me, and want to get thing done. If this sounds like your style, talk to me today about how we can get your property noticed, and sold.

And no QUINOA BURGERS or beards- that’d be just be weird.