Releasing the Kraken!!

Fans of  BRAVO network Real Housewives of NYC already know that how wildly loyalties have shifted and relationships have changed this season. After last nights’ episode, Andy Cohen of BRAVO’s live aftershow Watch What Happens Next made a neat tie-in twith this, and one of his guest’s current movies.

Liam Neeson, who plays Zeus in this remake of the 1981 sci-fi thriller Clash of the Titans dispenses justice/vengeance via another star of the movie. ‘The Kraken’ is a slimy, toothy, saliva-dripping, beast with a short fuse, bred to annihilate whomever it is sicced on. Not a new concept, but GREAT name. The audience was invited to text-vote on which housewife  should have the Kraken released on them-Jill or Bethany; then Liam was presented a lineup of currently questionable people, places and things, and asked if he would either release the Kraken on them , or withhold the Kraken. 

Because this is a stage for decorating and well, staging, will not dwell on my own personal list, but releasing the Kraken is not just fun to say, it’s an irresistible idea, so just quickly: I vote to release the Kraken on anyone who had anything to do with the new Tiger Woods commercial, the Melky Cabrerra trade, all those other housewives shows, or all those different flavors of Diet Coke-just bring back the Diet Vanilla-is that too much to ask?? 

97% of viewers deemed Jill to be Kraken-worthy, with only 3% thinking Bethany should get that call. Sorry, but for this season, I have to agree. Jill-we get that Bobby’s cancer surgery was horrible, scary and really rocked your roots, but we’ve all been disappointed at one time and another by people we love who don’t come thru for us at a time and in a way we think they should.  

First and foremost- Bobby, we don’t see you a lot on air, but know that fans everywhere wish you a complete and speedy recovery. Jill and Bethany-I’m crazy about you both, and you belong together as friends.  To quote the smart-mouth 7 year old daughter of a friend- ‘Just build a bridge..AND GET OVER IT!’ 

At this time the season has wrapped, and Bethany-who we will officially find out is pregnant in next weeks episode is now in real-time married and very pregnant, so who knows how things will shake out-but gals I’m rooting for you both to work it out.

BTW-Speaking as another design professional, Brad, who works at Zarin fabrics and re-decorated Jill and Bobby’s NYC apartment last season is definitely NOT Kraken material. He put together contemporary colors, fabrics and metallics in a soft, elegant and pleasing way, nice job! (HA!! And you were wondering how I was going to keep this relevant!!)