Remember the Green Beans in 2023

Holiday cooking in Doug’s family was part revered tradition, part competitive sport. 

His mom, grandmother, and inlaws: their line up of dishes, how they were made and served was all sacrosanct. So, from our first holiday together we brought peripherals and did the dishes.

About 5 years into the marriage I was promoted, yes, entrusted with the green beans casserole.  It was a big deal.

Most elements were expected to be a certain way, and no detail was too small to be scrutinized. At the time I was in my mid 30’s. A sales manager of a furniture store, overseeing a staff of 16 that did about $20M in yearly sales volume. Yet getting these beans right consumed me.

Fast forward. We are now that front-line generation. 

And after almost 3 years of loss and sobering challenges, the stars aligned. This side of the family was all at one table again. And yes, I was assigned the green beans.

So I brought a big bag of pre-washed and trimmed beans the day before. Steamed them as the table was being set and served them in a very simple dish. And you know what? Bright green and crisp, they were beautiful and delicious. Everyone raved (!!), and they were gone in a flash. Simple. Perfect. And enough. The beans and the holiday.

Joyous, I felt my inner compass was back. That I got, really ‘got’ that it was about the people and the experience, not the fussing over stuff.

Which is kind of ironic, because I’m in the fussing-with-stuff business….but everything in degrees.

There will always be traditions we hold dear, and fuss over. And maybe one day again I’ll be hunting for those elusive fried onion topper things.  But I’d like to think of 2023 as the year of the green beans. That is simplicity, clarity, and heart.

Simplicity in our communications, clarity in our decisions, and heart so we’ll know our decisions are truly of us. We’ll be comforted knowing what to hold tight to…and will be ok letting go of the rest. AND that we’ll get important stuff done!

I started some of that a few months back. My warehouse is of only the right staging props now. I’d pulled back on the newsletters, not wanting to add to the din and drama of your world and the market.

Brevity vs earnestness and professional passion will probably always vex me. But I’ve been getting better. Have been tidying up the blog, and YAY! new website is launching later this month. It’s simple, clean and elegant I think you’re really going to like it.

Last, 2023 marks the start of TRH’s 16th year. Thank you to friends, family, mentors, trades, agents, and clients for your trust and support. I am grateful….well, beyond words. But you kind of already knew that, right? 

Stay safe, well and warm. Let’s all look out for each other, and if the world starts messing with you, just remember the green beans, you’ll choose well.