Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra: Summer Series At Lasdon Park, Somers, NY

 Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra: Summer Series at Lasdon Park, Somers NY
One of the best memories I have of being a child are outdoor entertainment, on beautiful summer nights.

Although I hated the John Wayne-Walt Disney double headers my parents insisted we see, LOVED going to the Starlight and Elmsford Drive-Ins (sadly, now Croton Stop and Shop, and Sam’s Club) …watching movies, in the car, in our pajamas was quite a novelty!!

Then there were the Ossining Firemen’s Parades. They ended in Nelson Park, and again, music under the stars, on a blanket…it was bliss.  For the next 4 Saturday evenings (July 9-16-23-30) bliss returns.  The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra  begins   another magical  season at Lasdon Park,  titled Midsummer Night Music.

You lie on your back, bare feet in the grass, as the sunset streaks across the sky, watching another day end, as delightful music is created.

You bring whatever you want-chairs or blankies, food or beverages of your choice. Some people come very, very prepared; there is also food for sale there.

Gates open at 5pm, music is 6-8, with one intermission.


Parking is free on the great front lawn. It’s a haul up the hill, but shuttle buses run continously.

Parents  with young  children-this might  be a good night to book a sitter: there are no special facilities to entertain children; in fact, quiet in the audience is rule.   Adult tickets are $17.00, seniors are $12.00, kids 6-12 $5.00, 5 and under are free.

Bring a blanket, and someone you love.