RUTHLESS? Yeah, Whatever…

Over the weekend the NYT ran a great feature, Ruthless Came the Stager.  Two clients fw. me the link, wanted to be sure I saw it.

Thought the article was good: accurate and fair, sharing insight to the range of things  Stager can come up against.

FAR more telling were the comments…what a hornet’s nest!  The passion, the indignation, the NERVE!! 

Yeah, whatever….where are some of these readers coming from??  I mean, it’s not like it’s pending legislation or anything…

Staging is like any other personal service.  Lots of different approaches, lots of different people out there to help. You can choose it, or not.  GET OVER IT!

Scanning through quickly, it seems the people whose panties were the most knotted up had no actual experience with this whatsoever…just opinions.

Guess what>>>>LA-LA-LA-I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

Which actually hits a nerve in this Westchester County Stager that has been raw for some time now…I am so done with the whiners and the naysayers…the crankies who whine and gnash their teeth, or wring their hands and cry big alligator tears about the state of the market, yet will dismiss doing anything on their own-or learning anything new- out of hand.

Confused, fearful, curious, skeptical? Let’s talk.   Desperate, fed-up, in pain? Yes, I’m talking to you, call me. Take 15 minutes and find out what preparing your property can be about, and how it works. 

Don’t let the whiners get you down. SERIOUSLY!