(S-H-H-H-H) Special Offer for Fans of The Refreshed Home



YAY-you’re here!  (was hoping you’d make it!)  

I am a prolific blogger….so unless you are doing an archeological dig, you came to this page because you scanned my QR code.

Welcome, and thank you!

To show my appreciation for your effort, and participation in my latest techie-experiment, I will reduce the price of an inital consult that is booked by August 31st.

A two-hour interactive consult, with detailed follow-up written report is regularly $285.00; through August 31st, with super-secret, of the moment secret code, it will be $250.00.

This is a genuine, special offer. Even though the post is dated in November,  the original post holding this place, was ‘edited’ away and ‘updated’  with this one, to be sure it would only be found by scanning my QR code.   Please use super-secret, of-the-moment code  It’s Summertime  when you book your consult!