Second First Dates

Twenty-eight years ago tonight I had a second first date with my now- husband Doug. 

Our official first date was 6 weeks prior, and it didn’t go so well. He was very sweet, but I was processing some difficult personal losses in my family. There was just no bandwidth.

But I’m a lucky girl. On the second first date we saw the movie Sneakers. Loved it!  Discovered he was a good kisser, even better!  We were engaged 7 months later, married 10 months after that, and now, still living the dream.

But in life, and in real estate, it’s rare we get that second first chance.  To make a good impression, to bond. First dates…first job interviews….and a buyer’s first viewing of a listing. But it does happen…sometimes circumstances change or evolve, warranting a revisit.

Doug was a prince, and hung in there when I explained what was going on. Their first hires-or your buyers’ first house-may not have worked out.

These things can, and do happen, but don’t count on it. In our uber-fast paced and results-driven world, it’s grace, the exception to the rule.

Real estate is in the very real,  RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW. In other words, don’t:

  • Bemoan, opine or otherwise fixate on what you see in the media
  • It doesn’t matter what your sister-in-law’s neighbor did 3 years ago, or what you hear on line at Home Goods
  • Assume buyers will use their imagination…or the right one (i.e your alter-ego) will eventually show up.
  • Price to allow room for generous negotiation


  • First be clear with yourself about your goals and expectations
  • Get a thorough assessment of your property and the market.
  • Decide  what makes sense, what is doable
  • Take action, and price it accordingly

First dates, or real estate: you’ll never regret being your best, bringing your best from Day One. Ask your agent: the best looking, most move-in ready listings that are priced accordingly get the most attention, and best offers from serious buyers more quickly.

Trust this Westchester County Home Stager: When preparing your property for sale, buyers bring their checkbooks when you bring your best, from Day One. 

A pre-listing consult from The Refreshed Home is independent, expert counsel. It gives you knowledge and control. It puts tools in your hands and money in your pockets. Talk to me today about how we can get your property noticed, and SOLD!