Selling Your Westchester County House Next Year? Don`t Make This Mistake…

Selling Next Year? Don;t Make This Mistake

If you’re planning to sell your Westchester County house sometime next year, don’t make this mistake!

48 hours ago this tree was in full bloom, its white flowers gently gracing this pathway, on a beautiful, sunny day. Today it’s remaining flowers are few, the rest are in various stages of decay, plastered to the walkway by a heavy rain.

Three days ago this azalea bush was a brilliant burst of color, an unambiguous sign of spring.   Now  Selling Your Westchester County Home Next Year? Don't Make This Mistake!it’s transition mirrors the day- blah and non-descript.

Buying is always about the future, about hope and promise, and what could be. It’s never too early to start planning to get your Westchester County house ready for sale.

While your Realtor will usually be responsible for having the listing photos taken, why be at the mercy of the weather or the available lighting at the time of the appointment?  Instead, The Refreshed Home recommends picking a few scenic spots, or views from/on your property, and keep your smartphone/camera handy to record it’s best days, it’s most beautiful moments for your buyers to embrace and appreciate.

A number of years ago I worked with an agent on a wonderful listing way up on a hill in the north country. The outside was a huge selling point: Spacious wrap-around decks with great views, a generous patio that was beautifully landscaped. There was a pool, koi pond, thoughtful and mature plantings throughout.

Early in the conversation, he had the forsight to advise his sellers to capture these photos throughout the year.  They got that delicate lacy first frost on the ornamental grasses, the hummingbirds at the feeder, the unobstructed mountain views on the clearest of days, the setting summer sun, filtering through the pine trees.  He used some in the MLS listing, but put them all on a  DVD which he played on a loop on the monster TV in the Family Room during Open Houses and showings, probably even emailed them to potential buyers who contacted him about the property.

That was forward thinking at the time…but today’s photographic and video technology is quality, and so much more accessible. And IMO a decent picture of something compelling that evokes positive feeling is better than no picture at all.   Think of expanding the topic to what makes your neighborhood special…an upcoming holiday parade or nearby summer fair?  Kids building snowmen, or playing in a nearby playground? The applications-and benefits!-are many, and the effort is minimal.