September: Time to Prepare, Maintain and Improve Exterior Property

We’ve all done the weekend warrior thing: summoning our inner superhero, we go all-in on accumulated tasks on a free weekend. Fine for cleaning out closets or painting bathrooms, but preparing and maintaining exterior property is time sensitive, and shouldn’t be put off.

Your yard, your exterior property contributes sizable value to your home. NAR 2017 Cost vs. Value report  supports the high ROI of good property maintenance and improvements.

Staying, or planning a move, you want to protect your investment. We want it to still be summer, Peter DeLuca, the founder of the northern Westchester based Organic Landscapes NY reminds us early fall is a key time to prepare, maintain and plan for next year’s healthy and vibrant lawn and gardens. His three tips:

Lawn care:  Nourish and strengthen your greenery for the winter ahead. Mulch mowing shreds fallen leaves and decomposing material from the source.  It is the most natural and beneficial way to provide plants with the necessary nutrients.  Chemical fertilizers kill off beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the soil which  could stress the plant material, inviting insects and disease.

Maintenance: Fall is a good time to prune many (but not all!) species, clear away brush, and remove dead trees/bushes. Easier to do when leaves are down, it’s good for the trees and plants, but can also protect your house from falling debris in winter storms!

Planning: Now is also the time to explore and develop any updates, or long range plans. This could include

  • Addressing issues from deer or geese population
  • Creating or adding to existing gardens (or re-inventing what has not worked)
  • Hardscaping projects like a new patio; stone walls, walkways, adding a pergola, summer kitchen, koi pond or water feature, or a play area for your kids.

The design-build process is simple, but it is a process: you meet, space is assessed, wants and needs are discussed. A plan is developed, then designed and implemented. Besides needing permits for most of these things, you want some time to reflect, and let your dreams unfold.

A true early adapter, Pete started Organic Landscapes in 1983 as an environmentally friendly organic plant health care company. In recent years his son Pete Jr has joined him, bringing a degree in landscape development. As their clients’ needs grew, so has the list of services they provide.

I got a lot smarter just by asking a few questions for this post; questions or ideas about your own space-just contact either Peter at  Organic Landscapes NY.