Fall has arrived, officially and in reality.

Living in the northeast, we have the gift of an every-changing landscape, and a lifestyle that changes with it. So- as fond as we might be of summertime living, we also relish the thought of change, something new and different.

As the days get shorter, and we get re-acquainted with the inside of our home, we may find ourselves yearing for some cozy-ing up factors, but coming up empty -handed.

Gleaned from a  trade show earlier this year, here are three distinct trends that work seamlessly together, and how you can make them your own, refreshing your home without breaking the bank.

SEXY!!  Rich, smoky colors; strong, curvy shapes; textures and embellished surfaces that are umm…inviting to the touch.

SEEN THERE:  Shown here in a serpentine chest of drawers in a brushed gold finish, with enameled purple metal soutache trim, applied throughout (my lousy picture, beyond stunning in person, about $28K).  Or crisp white twill  covering this big, round, very cozy, intimate Lounge Au Deux.









FOR YOU: New microfiber duvet over existing bed covering, a  luxurious shag area rug-or brand-new bath towels  in an absolutely improbable cream.

What about a bowl like this on your dining table filled with figs…or pomegranates?

Toss out those fake smelling, fire-hazard plug in air fresheners; scented soaps, or essential oil reed diffusers are safer, longer lasting and more authentic:  Scents like amber and sandalwood make sense (pun intended), but-like ice cream, V-A-N-I-L-L-A  is the way you want to go.


METALLIC!  Nothing hard, shiny or glossy or glitzy; rather glimmer and shimmer,  iridescent, and subtle sheen…remember those rocks that mesmerized you as a child?  Think nuanced, feel engaged…and very special.

SEEN THERE:  Bronzed leather, free-standing screen of gold ‘stones’, and oil paintings with very strong lines and thick applications of pigment.




FOR YOU: Rustoleum makes a line of paints that creates a hammered metal look in one can, with one procedure.  I used copper for my unfinished wood desktop, and silver(spray can) to clean and update the frame of an old medicine chest.

Pier One has some crazy-beautiful accent pillows in lush colors and nice beadwork.

Metallic threads in a table runner, in the glaze of  a ceramic lamp, or the he ‘jewels’ in this fruit (holiday ornaments, bought last January, maybe $1.00 each)

ORGANIC!  Yes, REALLY!  Natural elements with strength and character. From the genuine world around us, they are perfect in their imperfection, and we connect with these materials in a basic and visceral way.

SEEN THERE:  Polished stone tables, a handblown  glass ‘garden’, recycled aluminum as tree branches, and paper re-worked and glazed to add big art to empty spaces.












FOR YOU:  A shallow bowl, some pebbles and $10.00 worth of bulbs (paperwhites or amaryllis) and you’ve got yourself a living, growing centerpiece that will take you thru to the holidays.


Take a wood tray with multi-color peppercorns, even small dried beans like lentils, barley, even coffee beans–with votive candles set into them.

Use a tall vessel-hammered metal, or ceramic with iridescent glaze, fill it with sticks, add a can uplight on floor behind vessel to emphasize the sculptural nature of, well, nature.

Happy Fall, Everyone!