Small Parts

“There are no small parts, only small actors” .

The  words of  famed Russian actor, director and Konstantin Stanislavski. Russian theater’s modern founding father, his wanted actors to make the most of every role, and every opportunity.

He saw how discouragement over fewer lines or a lesser role became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, perceived small parts become small parts.

Am always looking for analogies to explain what I do.This quote, and Oscar week makes me think of opportunities lost with my sellers of niche, or more modest-size homes.

Think of a property in a disparaging, apologetic or regretful manner, it becomes something to regret, or apologize for.  Better to find, and understand the soul of a property.  Believe in its character and presence, that’s what the property becomes. Others will see it with your words, and it’s actual presentation.

Words like cute, adorable, nice, cozy, vintage or darling resonate as diminutive. It reduces value in the eye of buyers and takes money out of a seller’s pocket. Consider simple, handsome, intimate, or storied instead. 

In Weschester County real estate, decor is destiny.  Pastels, ruffles/lace/ribbons, paneling, wallpaper borders will hurt you. Ditto big collections of anything, too many patterns, patchwork quilts, and crocheted afghans. When staging more modest properties TRH counsels:

  • Warmer, nuanced and organic wall colors are appropriate and polished
  • Paint paneling and beams/trim
  • Use white linens for a crisp look
  • Create contrast with solid colors instead of patterns

Need more good words? One Look Reverse Thesaurus is my go-to.

Want more ways to put your property’s best foot forward (no matter it’s size or circumstances)? Come to my next staging workshop on Monday March 2nd at Tarrytown’s beloved Warner Library. Click here for more info, hope to see you there!

And because humor makes everything more palatable, click photo for the recent ad about the house we all know.