Sofas for Dummies (NOT): Shopping with The Refreshed Home

(Fill in the noun) for Dummies has been one of the most successful franchises in  publishing history.  Since the inaugural DOS for Dummies launched in 1991, there are over 250 million of the the trademark yellow and black softcover books in print 1800+ titles, in 30 languages.

The self-deprecating title almost kept the first one out of bookstores, but that was its genius: take a complex, confusing, intimidating, anxiety-provoking topic; distill it  into layman terms, add some yuks and cute drawings, and you’ve got a read that is helpful, effective and entertaining.

Like it’s look-alike and predecessor Cliff’s Notes (seriously, named after it’s inventor, a guy named CLIFF)  the goal was convey vital info in the simplest and clearest way possible, so it could be quickly read and easily remembered.

But instead of procrastinating teens who’ve put off the reading assignment, we buy these books because we are  now accomplished, busy adults, secure enough to acknowledge what we don’t know, AND seriously focused on the business of learning it, so we can get on with our life.

EXACTLY the premise of the shopping service offered by The Refreshed Home. Simply-you become informed, and comfortably prepared to make your own best decisions, quickly.

Let’s say you need to buy some upholstery for your family room. When most people have that realization, they drive around, wandering through furniture stores, waiting for inspiration to strike, muttering to themselves ‘I’ll know it when I see it’.  Worse, they purchase out of frustration, only to find it’s too big/uncomfortable/poorly made/wrong color/etc.

BUT- how cool would it be- if when you went into a store, you had already thought out the option of a sectional vs a sofa and two chairs?

Already understood what  a woven fabric was, and why it’d  be a good choice for you?

Already realized your preference for three separate seat cushions, a rolled arm and no skirt,  and knew that cushions with welting will keep their shape longer?


What if someone who knew what they were doing asked all the tough questions and was negotiating on your behalf? 


Diagnosing where clients are stuck, setting a strategy, then putting tools in their hands is The Refreshed Home’s specialty.  Structured for people who need to make changes, want to understand, and actively participate in the process, but:

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Aren’t sure of what they need, or like
  • Don’t trust their taste
  • Can’t visualize
  • Have no time
  • Hate to shop, or haven’t shopped in years
  • Dislike dealing with “salespeople”

After the inital consult, here are some ways we could proceed: 

  • Wish List:  I create  a detailed shopping list, even a scaled floor plan for your own shopping experience. Included: suggested sizes, colors, or styling details, as well as shopping tips; floor plans clearly communicate the dimensions/details of the space
  • Reconnaissance Mission: After we define your needs and explore ideas, I lay the groundwork by speed-shopping through various stores, showrooms, websites and other vendors on my own, then provide you an itinerary of  places to visit,  with photos/links and pricing
  • Accompanied shopping: We meet, and look for specific product/solutions while reviewing any market or manufacturing info that would be helpful. You might make decisions then, but if not, you will know what you’re looking at, and be comfortable making good decisions later, out on your own
  • Online: We review the merits of products and looks online together; point being you know what to look for, what to ask about when you go out shopping on your own.

This Westchester County Decorator and Home Stager is always open to finding new ways to make things work better for her clients, so if you are stuck, just call and start the conversation, we’ll figure out what you need and the best way to get it done.

Sofas (or colors, lighting,  draperies. rugs, mattresses, home offices, wallpaper, dining tables, etc) for Dummies? Not after we work together!