SOLD in Mamaroneck: Teamwork Gets Contracts Signed in 15 Days!

SURPRISE! Having a property professionally prepared for sale (a.k.a. “Staging”) guarantees nothing.

Teamwork is what does it every time.  Consider Home Staging to be that proverbial third leg of the stool:  Sure, it clears away the obstacles between For Sale, and SOLD.  But Home Staging supports a seller who is genuinely ready and willing to sell, and the agent who has diligently priced and marketed the property.

This Mamaroneck house  was a contemporary colonial in a lovely area, it had a lot going for it.  The family had lived there for a number of years, but the Master Bath was firmly wedged in the 1980s, and was bringing the perceived value of the property down. We did a fair amount of work on it, but here is the room I am the proudest of.








An over-the top pink fest, complete with mauve double tub, commode and sinks, shiny brass fixtures and trim, the goal was to neutralize as much of the pink as possible, for the least amount of money. And ohyes, quickly.

Painting was the answer-as it so very often is. We picked up the creamier tones in the marble, and used that color on the walls, ceiling, formica vanity and mirror frames that same color. And YES-this Westchester County Home Stager learned -that when done properly, using a special formula primer, laminate cabinets are able to be painted very nicely.

Hard to tell here, but the ceiling was vaulted, there was more surface area to work with, that really helped to dilute the pink.

BECAUSE the owner was willing to do what it took to get their property ready, BECAUSE the REALTOR was super-duper smart, focused, and spot-on with the pricing, and BECAUSE we all worked together, this Mamaroneck house had multiple offers within 48 hours,  the contracts were signed in 15 days, and now everyone has moved on with their life.  Can you say WOO-HOO?!