Some of My Best Friends Are Analogies

Good communication isn’t about quantity, volume, or fancy words. It’s knowing how to have a point or idea resonate and be memorable. And sometimes it’s about finding kinder ways to say hard things.  That’s why analogies are this Westchester County’s Home Stager’s best friend!

When people don’t seem to hear, might be because they think they know what you’re going to say, and drift off. Or, maybe they’ve made up their mind or don’t like the topic. Other times they might feel intimidated or embarrassed because the topic/concept feels so out of their realm.

Whatever the reason, if you’re not connecting, a good analogy can engage, explain, and entertain. Like writing, you start with what you know, including your audience!

Wanna know a secret? You can nail it, TOTALLY grab their attention if you compare something familiar, yet so unexpected and disparate to the idea they don’t get.

Here are some analogies that come up a lot in consults:  

  • Unusual, one of a kind house that will have a finite amount of buyers: Just like the glass slipper only fit a finite number of feet, these are Cinderella houses
  • How to explain twisted pile carpet, the technique that adds bulk and texture to monofilaments via heat and chemicals: Carpet with a perm!
  • Why gray-colored walls are so popular Like coming home to a hug-soothing and all-encompassing.
  • Change up a dull, or matchy-matchy BR with an upholstered headboard-the little black dress of bedroom furniture
  • Staging, overall: We’re getting your house ready for its first date. No one gets plastic surgery before a date.  But if you care and want good results, you do things to look your best.
  • FOLLOW-UP: How to go shopping for furniture if it’s been a while and you don’t trust your instincts. Its like speed dating. Or like how to interview real estate agents if you haven’t sold a property in years: You’re not there to get married, just get quick glimpses to see what’s out there, and what stays with you. (Better pre-pandemic, hopefully, this’ll come back sometime soon….)
  • A perfectly fine house, but as is, underwhelming: Also a Cinderella house. She was a lovely person, but her glammed-up evil stepsisters commanded all the attention. Snazzed up, her nature didn’t change, she just looked different.
  • Also on staging, overall: Staging is 90 percent mental, and the other half physical (thank you Yogi Berra!!)
  • Too many patterns and colors: LIke walking into a room full of kindergartners all saying ‘pay attention to ME’ 
  • Taking a pause, to gain appreciation and perspective: Mental sorbet