Sometimes It IS What We Say

Is it just me, or is absolutely everyone else talking/reading/thinking Real Estate these days?!

With all the quantity of ‘stuff’ out there, it’s harder to recognize, then retain the pearls…wanted to share two things I recently read, that really resonated for me.

Chances are we have all been on both sides of this first one: the struggle over exchanging an email address. 

Whether for business or social reasons, as the emailee we resist, wanting info, but not wanting to be fast-tracked into junk mail hell, or  virus-infested  cyberspace… just what I need, another friend who traveled to London and got mugged…

As a potential emailer, if you are reading this, chances are excellent you are asking for a worthwhile reason.

Yet we play the part of a persistent suitor:  battling the memory of, while  trying to atone for the sins of a past insincere love. 

‘REALLY-I’m  different…’  you inwardly protest!  

 ‘I would NEVER_______’ you exclaim silently! 

 Strains of BJ Thomas’  Somebody Done Somebody Wrong (Song) play in your head, as you search for  words to explain the unexplainable why.

Susan Emo,  a Realtor at  RE/MAX  Riverview Realty of  1000 Islands Brokerage in Canada has my favorite answer, a very professional approach to this “why”:  ‘Because you’ll never know when I’ll have something great to pass on to you….you wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?”

 Simple and succinct; communicates every good intent and principle. Susan recommends having the phone in hand when asking, so all contact info  gets programmed right in-excellent, a two-fer!

Stepping it up a notch… delivering unpleasant information is  difficult for most.  But no matter what the topic is-if the information is misleading, incomplete or incorrect, it will come back to haunt us. The ramifications of deferred pain are often worse. 

Just as little Bobby and Susie are going to want to one day visit Sparky who is having fun at a farm in the country, or your best friend will think about getting that…umm…interesting  hair cut (again)- if I don’t completely and professionally  prepare  the Realtor, my clients, as well as the property to the best of my ability, ONE DAY they will  want to discuss  why no one wants to buy their house. 

The push-pull of coming to an agreement of a listing price for a house is the parallel for agents.  IMHO taking an over-priced listing -or insisting on a price as a condition of listing with that agent benefits no one and hurts many; the whys are a topic for another time.

“I tell the truth” seems to be the preferred way to position oneself to justify delivering difficult information or advice you know will not be well-received, but I like Loreena Yeo’s   take on it better. Loreena, a Realtor in Frisko, Texas simply says-“I don’t participate in false hope”.

A positive, pro-active, responsible and professional statement, covering every inner conflict, ans 100% transferable.  In six words. I have both of these  on the wall behind my desk.