Stager-ating: Updating $1M+ Houses, It’s A Thing

Staging, and Decorating: While practitioners of each insist they’re different, the line has gotten even more blurred of late with $1M+ properties for sale in Westchester County. Stager-ating:  Important aesthetic updates to get a high end house noticed, and sold is definitely a thing now. 

New tax laws, and general economic uncertainty are some factors keeping would-be buyers focused on more modest properties; while those that are going big, are choosing new construction, or total renovations with that ‘new house smell’. I’ve already gotten two of these type of projects listing photo ready since January, and have several more in the wings.

Making the move to look at seven-figure properties is a big psychological jump up, expectations change.  Worn finishes, and design details popular in the previous millennium are hassles buyers just don’t have the time or desire to mess with.

Fancy millwork, elaborate bathrooms with big tubs, shiny brass fixtures, big floor tiles with grout lines as an architectural statement, columns, wallpaper and such date, and lessen the value a house in the eyes of buyers.

Whatever the hassle you think it’d be; whatever the cost you worry it will be, sellers are realizing that waiting, hoping and then ultimately dropping the price anyway just to stay relevant is more of a hassle, and more costly in the long run. Tired of being in limbo, they’re making changes they’ve resisted, selling, and getting on with their life.

Under-performing listing? Crowded market? Talk to me today about stager-ating, let’s get it updated noticed and SOLD!