Stagers And Agents, Part Deux

Marie's Big Table...hopefully Bella made it out ok!!


Stagers and Agents Together, Part Deux

    It’s been a week of big thinking. Last weekend I wrote a post on ActiveRain about Agents working with Stagers, and it was and it was featured nationally. Very cool. Wonderful for the exposure, and brought a lot of great feedback to the table… good thing I work on a big table!!

   Agents who are reluctant to work with Stagers confound me. My rationale is that we work in so many similar ways, and where not alike, we can be quite  complimentary.  As food for thought, last post covered Goals, Skills and Expertise, and Education/Accreditation, here are some more similarities:

Income:  Stagers and Agents  both make their livings providing a specialized, relationship-based service. We love tho get The JOB, but know 95% of the time we need to get the RELATIONSHIP first.

Passion: Some days-situations-are more challenging  than others, but  Stagers and Agents I know L-O-V-E what they do. The vast majority, I believe,  also continually strive to do it better.

Value:  Stagers and Agents  offer a value-based service. There is no standardized product, or means of delivery. Our success is tied to the degree we can demonstrate value by diagnosing, then solving problems, and removing pain.

It’s not an abstraction; ours is an interactive process.  It means we have to know who you are, and what your pain is.

Time is MoneyMost people think of this as a prompt, perhaps a nicer way to say  ‘come on, times-a-wasting’.  Rather, I believe Stagers and Agents  think of time spent as time invested, and make no mistake, it’s an investment they are happy to make.  


BUT-success often depends on the  investment being a joint account, where all parties participate, contribute, and are committed to the investment.

AGENTS: If you know this to be part of your formula for success, you are JUSTOHSOCLOSE  to even greater amazingness! Call me today, let’s talk about how we can get your properties S-O-L-D!!