Stagers Are Starters

Originally published December 26, 2020. Updated for Spring Training 2022

Sports professionals know the importance of starting strong. They know it’s easier to establish, and maintain their momentum than it is to overcome anothers’.  Stagers are Starters

Starting players are strong, and bring a good game. They know the plan, understand strategy and teamwork, and can cement the trajectory. Starters help all players move forward. And in real estate, stagers are starters.

Baseball is the only major sport where players can’t come in and out of the game. You’re in, til you’re out, then you stay out. No back and forth. So this makes the strategy of choosing a starter especially important.

And pitchers have quite a structured hierarchy: The starters ae leaders. They are proactive, establishing a foundation and building the pace. Relievers maintain or pick up the pieces and mitigate, while closers make short, intense appearances to seal the deal.

In the parallel universe of real estate, where everything turns on engaging listing photos, and all the good things happen in a listings’ early days, why would you wait til you’re foundering to bring in the listing mojo??

In real estate, when stagers are your starters, you make them part of the conversation early on. The Refreshed Home’s pre-listing consults do the proverbial heavy lifting of assessing and diagnosing.

We work with both seller and agent to bring all the disparate elements together, matching tasks and solutions to needs, circumstances, resources, and expectations. Pre-listing consults with TRH help sellers quickly shape the scope of the job, develop their budget, help them prioritize, and get everyone going in the right direction.

In both real estate and baseball hope springs eternal this time of year.  New beginnings, better results beckon. Early in the season, new guys, new ideas get tried out to see what looks good, what works.

In baseball guys like Justin, Max, Noah, and Clayton will be starters on Opening Day. In real estate, (brief) conversation about preparing the property for sale, making it its photo-ready best should happen at the first meeting, because there is just waaay too much to cover in the listing presentation.

So if you’re a broker, or agent, instead of more new tech, or yet another new social media strategy, why not put aside what you think you know about staging and stagers, and have a conversation with this home stager instead? And sellers-if Chip and Joanna aren’t giving you the specific help or direction you need, well, you know what to do!


The Refreshed Home specializes in preparing occupied properties for sale in Westchester County. 

Since 2008 over $800M of our prepared properties have sold. Readers of Westchester Magazine have voted TRH Westchester’s Best Home Stager in 2019 and 2020