Staging Co-ops and Condos, Part One

Staged co-ops and condos seems oxymoronic in Westchester’s hot real estate market, right? I mean, buyers are not spending a lot of money. And if they’re not happy, they should be able to use their imagStaging Co-ops and Condosination. Right??

Welcome to TRH’s multi-part blog post on staging co-ops and condos!

Getting right to it, let’s start with the biggest challenge sellers and agents face: Their mindset. 

Staging-like any other unfamiliar experience-is only as big a bogeyman as you want to make it.

Staging co-ops and condos is a thing…and it can pay off well here in Westchester County. Still subscribe to the 1.0 version of what home staging is (bringing in rental furniture)? Of course your every cell is aghast!

  • The term home staging is almost 50 years old. The age of acquisition (80s and 90s) followed. Pedigreed furnishings and jewel tones quickly, unceremoniously kicked the very different 1970s plaid, paneling, and earth tones to the curb. (One reason why staging became synonymous with new or rental furniture.)
  • There aren’t that many variations of these floor plans. As developments or multi-family units, there’s usually ample opportunity to view multiple layouts of any model co-op or condo. This eliminates the case that rental furniture is needed so buyers can see what goes where.
  • Todays’ buyers often just have less stuff. Their love of HGTV, combined with unsurpassed access to, and comfort with technology makes them more confident decision-makers.

Condition, with proper price alignment, is always key. Absent the amenities of a single-family home (say, a yard or basement), and combined with co-op processes,  as well as current product and trade labor shortages to implement updates-condition can truly make or break a deal.

Need one more reason to stage your Westchester County co-op or condo?  My experience has been the most successful sellers remember what it’s like to feel like a scared buyer.

When a seller takes the time to bring a property to the best they can, buyers know, and it makes them feel good!! Buyers know they’re not spending a ton of money.  But to be welcomed, to feel excited and respected is both inexpensive for sellers, and priceless for buyers.

Sellers and their agents find it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make a difference in these more modest-sized spaces. Also, many typical and impactful changes are often things sellers can do, or oversee themselves!

Staging is whatever you do to improve the market position of a property, and ease your mind. Done well, pre-listing consults are collaborative, empowering, effective and profitable. Talk to me today, or stay tuned for the next installment:

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