Staging FAQs: Can I Pay You at Closing?

Welcome back to Staging FAQs where the Home Staging experience is de-mystified TRH-style…that is you learn, smile, and get back to your life, all in 400 words or less. 

The very short answer is “no”, this Westchester County Home Stager gets paid like any other contractor-a retainer at the start of a project, and in full at it’s conclusion.

YES, I do ask sellers to make decisions and spend money on my recommendations, but remember, Home Staging supports what a seller and their agent do; it’s just part of the equation of what it takes to get a property sold. 

All sorts of other things depend on it closing escrow.  Things I have no influence or control over, and should not be determining factors to if and when I get paid:  Improperly priced or marketed property, poor listing photos; buyers who can’t sell their house, or whose financing falls apart;  sellers who don’t maintain the property, turn down showings, are unreasonable during negotiations, or heck-just change their mind and decide not to sell after all.

And YES, I’ve been reminded that agents deal with these issues in every transaction..bottom line, I am not an agent.