Staging FAQs: Should Sellers Have a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Shortest FAQ answer in this series yet: YES. But perhaps you have a more burning questionDSC02751Why would this be part of a discussion with a Home Stager?

Home Inspections-where a trained professional goes through a house checking and evaluating the systems and infrastructure of the house- are typically initiated by a buyer, most often after their offer has been accepted by the seller. But the number of sellers now choosing  pre-sale inspections are increasing: one inspector, speaking at a local WCR meeting recently estimated it was 25% of his business now.

Financing still takes months, even for an above-average qualified buyer, so it’s in no one’s best interest to spend any time going down that road, only to find conditions that could derail the deal. 

Properties that show a clean bill of health in from Day One stand out, and shine a little brighter in the eyes of a buyer.  Sellers can also remedy any conditions found to need attention faster, and almost always for a bunch less money than a buyer will estimate. And in that vein, you are not training the buyer to look for problems.

Buyers will often pay to have their own separate inspection down the line, but that is a conversation best left to the principles, their attorney and their agent.

Still wondering how Pre-Sale seller inspections are part of this Westchester County Home Stager’s inital consult?

The Refreshed Home believes preparing a property for sale is  a thoughtful strategy that considers ALL the circumstances.  Homeowners and agents hire TRH to address and develop a plan where together, we examine and discuss what makes sense, as well as what looks good. Why spend time planning, why advise a seller to invest funds on anything of cosmetic or discretionary value if a buyer’s inspector is going to find there’s about 45 minutes of useful life left on the roof, or the basement has mold?

Sometimes Home Staging IS about adding the green flags that add visual appeal, but making sure the red and yellow flags are remedied have got to be a sellers’ first priority.