Staging FAQs: “SO- What’s WRONG with My Wallpaper??”

Welcome back to FAQs-the series where the specialty is snappy answers to your most burning questions on home decor, and home selling.

SO-what’s WRONG with my wallpaper??” is a big, big question these days. And the short answer is usually nothing is wrong with your wallpaper…per se. But this is not a logical question, it’s an emotional one.

See, when you live in your home, any decor you are fond of-and doesn’t violate any local ordinances  pretty much works. However, when you want to sell the house, you want a warm and welcoming vibe, so many people to like your house, and be able to see themselves in it.

Walls make up the largest space in any room, and have the most potential to make the biggest statement. Very distinctive wall color is a big personal stamp. Besides that it will often be what potential buyers remember most about your property-instead of the property itself-it tells buyers that HEY! you are still there! Worse, they could think that maybe you are harboring a secret desire to not really move, after all! And with all the houses for them to choose from, why on earth would they bother with yours?

As bad as vivid-colored walls usually are, wallpaper is many times worse…it is color AND pattern AND your personality,  all literally glued to the wall. Something that took great several steps and great forethought to put up, and will take time and effort to take it down.

OLD wallpaper is even worse…very little says ‘we stopped caring about this house a while ago’ than seams that are separating,  corners that are curling, or that mauve and blue (or, peach and green) color scheme that was so popular …way too long ago.

Logically we all know it’s not like dis-assembling the pyramids or anything, but it is still you, marking your territory, and like it or not, buyers today simply do not want that vibe.

So the longer answer is nothing is wrong with your wallpaper in your HOME, but if you want to sell your HOUSE, this Westchester County Home Stager says: take the wallpaper down and paint!