Staging FAQs: What are the Biggest Misconceptions About Staging?

Staging FAQs: What are the Biggest Misconceptions About Home Staging?Welcome back to FAQs, the series that challenges your most beloved HGTV-isms, in 400 words or less. Here are some of the most common ones about Home Staging: 

Staging means renting furniture. It could include renting furniture, but certainly doesn’t have to. Last year 2 of my 24 sold properties did-about 10%; so far this year sold properties are almost doubled, and the percentage that rented is closer to 5%.

Preparing your home for sale is always about doing the best you can; while prioritizing and making the most impactful changes that will support a sellers expectation of price. This Westchester County Home Stager  has found an empty, but clean and pristine house in good repair is a hands-down better goal than a dark or cluttered space that has new furniture in it.

Staging is expensive.  First, what does that even mean?  “Expensive” is a comparative term, so what are you comparing it to: FREE?  Waiting and hoping? How about comparing it to taxes, insurance, mortgage and other carrying costs Or the cost of waiting to get on with the rest of your life?

I suggest comparing Staging costs to price reductions> Let’s say a $400K house is not getting the offers, or even the traffic that is desired. Most would agree a 2.5% price reduction of $10K would be fairly conservative.  Half that amount>>1.25% of the listing price would buy you a heck of a lot of Staging.

Staging is for empty trophy houses. Maybe in the 1980s, but today? Hardly.  First-whether the homeowner needs those funds for the next move, or they are just being mindful of all the obstacles that lie ahead in the financing/appraisal process-empty is usually the  last resort.

And as far as price point is concerned: every buyer, no matter what their circumstances wants the best home, and the most value they can afford, right?