Staging FAQs: What Are the Statistics of Your Success?

FAQs is a new, and on-going series that answers your questions  about Home Staging, Interior Decorating, or The Refreshed Home-each in 400 words or less. You can click here to read earlier posts.

Statistics can be a comfort when entering uncharted territory; they can illustrate history, trends and performance. But they only have value if they’re  applicable to your situation; and they’re only as good as the consistency of the information gathering and reporting process.

Which is why I don’t participate, or utilize them.

Not saying anyone’s numbers are fabricated, but look-I’m an analytical thinker. These are self-reported figures, with too many generalities and weak links in the methodology; I prefer not to stake my reputation on someone else’s flashy but at the core, unsubstantiated numbers.

First: Real Estate is hyper-local. For example, in Westchester County multi-family houses to be the slowest-moving segment. I wouldn’t count on a lot of statistics that may be based on single family residences, possibly from all across the country.

Second: Even the Staging Project of the Century has too many things out of my control that would impact how quickly a house would sell, and for how much. Overpricing guarantees a slow and painful process. Sellers who don’t really want to sell, who don’t maintain the property, or make it available for showings totally screw up DOM; agents who show outdated, or lackluster listing photos shoot themselves-and their seller-in the foot.

Third: It’s personal. And anecdotal. Analyticals will not like reading this, but in my business, seeing is believing.  I find both success and satisfaction to be highly personal, not a definitively measurable quality.

Which is why my business grows largely by referrals.  I am proud, and very grateful for the words of my clients. The testimonials from real people-happy sellers and successful agents-will tell you all you need to know about what it’s like-and why you will be happy-working with The Refreshed Home.


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