Staging FAQs: What Does Staging Cost?

Have a love/hate relationship with this question…it’s  the question most everyone wants to ask first.  Many do-why not, it’s important and valid– but in my experience few really listen to the answer.

We like to believe our questions are simple…because then we can get easy and immediate answers, right?

But Staging is a service, not a fixed commodity, and the short answer is : IT DEPENDS

Think of  a typical doctor visit.  When you arrive, your vitals are taken. Then the doctor comes in and asks how you are, and gets more info. The doctor needs to understand the circumstances before taking action, same thing with  Home Staging.  More needs to be known, and discussed before coming up with a plan-or a price-pain…so the seller’s mindset,  the property’s condition and the market circumstances need to be known. To come up with a price, we need to first agree on scope of work,  the strategy, and then the execution.

It’s a bit of an educational process, so there is some negotiation: together, tasks are prioritized, then who can do what is established. THEN we can get to the big question. 

While I can’t know what it will cost to stage YOUR property, here are some ways projects with The Refreshed Home start:

For the thrify, the cautious, the distant, the extremely time-challenged or the very handy: Remote staging You send me pictures or video, and by appointment, via phone or Skype we create a plan and a strategy for your space-discussing any issue, in as much detail as you’d like, for $75.00 an hour.

For those looking for a plan, anticipating  an extended or group project, or needing a reality check-I offer interactive walk-throughs: I show up and we get right to it-moving, packing or walking, talking, and creating your plan-with all the specifics and referrals you’d like.  $180.00 for two hours, with you taking notes if you’d like; $325.00 for two hours plus my detailed email report after.

For vacant properties, the agents representing them,  off-site owners, landlords, or property management firms: A brief phone conversation, then if we are on the same page, an similarly brief on-site visit is scheduled, and a proposal is created, FREE.

Some find taking paper hits in the tens of thousands (via price reductions) easier than reaching into their pocket and parting with cash;   others don’t have a choice, and I get that. But if you have choices, are ready to move on with your life, but perhaps still uncertain-just keep reading.