FAQs: What is a Remote Consult?

Last year I wrote a post called Raise Your Hand If You’ve Never Worked With A Home Stager (Then, Please Tell Me Why). Published in a national Real Estate online community, it got a lot of attention, and some surprising answers.

Top answers were expected: anticipated costs, and personality mash-ups(topics for another time). But roughly one-third of the agents who responded had never worked with a Home Stager simply because there wasn’t one near them. Here, in the NYC-Metro area where there is at least one of everything in easy reach I was stunned: What do you mean, there wasn’t one near you??

Remote Consults have been a part of my Decorating and Home Staging business for awhile. Necessity being the true mother of invention, it was the original ‘how’ for my over-scheduled clients, but it’s become a good option for many different sets of circumstances.

A Remote Consult is like any other specialized service-first, it’s not for everyone. And *NOT* to be confused with Virtual Decorating/Staging (which I have a passing familiarity with, but dislike it intensely nonetheless). Remote Consults are basically my connecting with, and getting to know you-your space, and your stuff-through the magic of technology. It gets you started, even done if you are handy.

Using photos or video you provide, we simply ‘walk’ through your room(s)
online, discussing in as much detail as you’d like the what and why of how to treat the space, via conference call or SKYPE. As with all my consults, clients end up not just with ideas, but a solid understanding of how to critically think things through.

The Refreshed Home has always had a collaborative style, so it’s not a stretch. Window treatments can be designed, paint colors selected (with free samples ordered to confirm), and artwork can be re-positioned. We can create floor plans, wrestle with questions like re-upholster or replace, and peruse furniture websites for shopping, or to develop your eye so you can shop and make your own best decisions…in your time, at your local stores.

As with my ‘regular’ Decorating and Home Staging clients-we’d need a good fit. Before we book an appointment, we speak about how you see it working (the project, and the relationship), and what you want to achieve.

Very well-suited for DIYers, it’s a choice that could appeal to many:

  • Productive for the time-challenged
  • Logistics solved for groups whose decision-makers or influencers are scattered/numerous: Offices, adult children and their parents, estate sales
  • Prudent for the thrifty
  • A low-risk commitment for the cautious.

Remote Consults are one option, but bottom line, if there is a will, we can find a way. All you have to do is start the conversation!