Staging FAQs: What is Staging?

Staging FAQs: What is Staging?

Truth be told, I have a love/hate relationship with the word ‘Staging”.

It’s the word/concept what most people recognize, but there are so many misconceptions…and it just sounds kind of fake, prissy-pants to me. Have been using the phrase ‘prepare a property’ in the same sentance for a while now, it seems to resonate better with most everyone.

That aside, The Refreshed Home considers preparing Westchester County properties for sale to be a mindset, and a plan to support both agent and seller. I’d define it as anything that can be done to put a property’s best foot forward, and get Westchester sellers the best price, in the quickest manner.

Just as each property, and each market is unique, so is the seller, and their goals and expectations. Sure, Staging is largely about having a good visual, but turn off the out-of-date HGTV re-runs. In today’s market, a good visual is not a silver bullet, it doesn’t stand alone.

To be effective it needs sellers who are committed to selling their house. Who will keep up the look, and make the property reasonably available for showings. For my purposes the agent needs to know the market, have the confidence to have the difficult conversations, and price/market the property appropriately.

Clear communication and trust between seller, agent and myself are vital to a successful plan. The above is the best illustration of how we work together.

My projects always start with questions.

To target the audience and the message I ask agents:

  • Who will buy this property?
  • What is the competition like?
  • What makes this property special and unique in this  market?
  • How much of a price difference will Staging this property make?

To understand and affirm the sellers’ goals:

  • Why are you selling?
  • Where are your going, what is your time frame?
  • How do your financial expectations fit with current market value?
  • What do you want Staging to do for your property?
  • What is your own ability to do things?

The goals of The Refreshed Home are several: an effective solution with pleasing results, delivered in an equally pleasing manner. The  ‘hows’, the physically preparing of a property can be as simple as an interactive consult with photos or video, via phone or SKYPE; to hands-on overseeing agreed-on needed updates and acquisitions, and everything in between.

In posts to come, you’ll read about them all.  Stay-subscribe-even submit your own questions.  Remember, my success depends on your success!