Staging FAQs: Who Pays?

Another good question, and easier to answer!

The Refreshed Home creates good plans, helps people make wise decisions, so they can get on with their life.  SO-anyone looking for this to happen could be the one who hires-and pays me.

Homeowners hire me most often, but busy professionals in tangent fields pay me to be on their team too.

Like the homeowner, they want to save time and stress. They want the project to go smoothly and quickly. It also lets them spend their time doing what they do best. They like to hire me because I have a good ‘bedside manner’, and understand that people are at the heart of the process. Here are some examples of how that has worked in my business.

Agents  Some agents are comfortable approaching preparing a property for sale, some not so much, but they all have lots of other things to do; so busy agents make me part of their marketing plan with sellers.

Buyer agents-those representing best interests of the buyer-bring me in when their client really likes a house, but can’t see the potential, because of the old, out-dated or uber-decorations of the seller. We do a walk through of the property, and in short order they will have some specific visions for what the house could be.

As motivation to follow, then maintain Staging recommendations, some agents make arrangement to reimburse sellers for Staging consult costs at time of closing.

Senior Move Managers are typically hired by down-sizers, or their adult children.  The plan is to assist the homeowner in getting out of one home, and into another, and usually involves getting home #1 sold. Senior Move Managers bring me in to decide what to keep, and how to show the house best, but also because I understand, and respect what their clients are going through.

Contractors  Even the most organized project can have things happen.  Delays. A change of heart. Discontinued tile. Etc. And contractors are also very busy. My background lets me understand the issues that come up, get decisions made in a timely manner, streamline communications while de-stressing their client.

Attorneys who handle divorces, or estates often oversee the sale of a property. They recommend me because while getting it done quickly, and getting the best price has to be a given,  so is dealing with their clients at their most tender time.

Staging FAQs is an on-going series, answering your questions in 400 words or less. Keep reading, and feel free to ask your own questions!