Staging Got HIM The House He Wanted!

50 years ago today politics and technology combined to make history.

Give up? The first presidential debate was televised. 70 million people watched in black and white, countless others listened on the radio.

It was the first opportunity for the country to see the candidates side by side, in a competitive arena.  While experts proclaimed them evenly matched in substance-in fact, those who heard that  debate on the radio felt Nixon had won-we all know how it worked out.

Kennedy had been campaigning on the west coast and was tan and appeared relaxed; Nixon was just coming out from 2 weeks in the hospital for a knee injury; he had lost weight and was pale. His clothes did not fit well, and worse, he did not shave again prior to this late day event, and passed on make-up at the studio. On air, he was sweaty and his 5 o’clock shadow stood out in stark contrast to his skin. 

Kennedy looked his best, Nixon probably his worst; subsequent polls of viewers showed they perceived Kennedy to have won that first debate handily, and this momentum kept him going all the way to the White House.

The lessons learned here are unambiguous, and the parallels are clear. As much as some would like difficult decisions like picking a President-or buying a house-to be an intellectual pursuit, more easily compared on paper, there is another dimension. In big decisions, people trust what they see. They choose what they like, are attracted to, and are comfortable with.

In a competitive market, a professionally Staged house stands out. It converts online traffic to more showings, and attracts the attention of buyers and other agents-who represent buyers.

Simply, it gives you the best shot at selling your house quickly- on your terms, for the best price. If no one wants to see your house, or if offers are not coming your way, we should talk.  REALLY.