Staging Your Home to Sell: Bronxville Adult School Monday 1/14

IMAG1246After many years in this business, working in many, many houses, and with their homeowners- two things have been proven to me: First-people can do more than they think they can. Second-they will usually make the best choices on their own, when pointed in the right direction.

Thus is the premise for my upcoming class at Bronxville Adult School, Staging Your Home to Sell.

The Refreshed Home’s definition of Home Staging is anything that can be done to better the market position of your house, while easing the minds of both sellers and agents.

Effective solutions for preparing a house for sale consider the seller’s goals, needs and expectations, maximizes their resources * and supports the agents pricing and marketing strategy. You may be surprised at some of the elements/topics Home Staging can cover.

Put what you’ve seen on TV aside.  It might be entertaining, but for many reasons it’s not todays’ reality. Our market is changing quickly, what is happening now will be the one of the first topics covered.

How to see your house through the eyes of buyers and other agents, how to determine your own best ROI updates, listing photos that will shine, and free to low cost things you can do yourself that’ll make a world of difference will be among the others.

Monday January 14th 7-9pm, follow this link to sign up today; attendees registered by the weekend will be invited to submit photos for on-the-spot problem solving, as part of the class…as will uncovering all the *resources you didn’t know you had!