It Was Too Much House


How someone lives in their space is ALWAYS fine; but if they want to sell, home staging creates photos need to show the most value and expected use


A single parent was living in a big house, sharing custody of the youngest child, and looking to downsize. The main rooms became playrooms, other rooms languished, empty or underwhelming. To attract the most interest, demonstrate the most value we needed to upgrade and show grown-up purpose without changing too much of what the child was used to.


Like many home staging projects, it was a combination of tasks: New paint colors elevated the rooms, rental furniture filled in some blanks and added drama, new linens and accessories warmed and softened the spaces.

















Buyers buy hopes and dreams along with square footage. Order and calm in a MBA suite is everything. Here we painted, added a simple but elegant chandelier, lots of new matching (and beautifully folded!) towels.