Less was Less: Minimalist’s Dilemma


It was a brisk market, and on paper, the property was priced. It had a lot going for it, but in 6 months traffic was light and there were no offers. New agent brought me in for consult.

Listing photos have moments to convey a spaces’ attributes and value. The owners were confirmed minimalists; their elegant monochromatic décor read as flat and underwhelming in photos.

Minimalist sellers have successfully negotiated the forces most of us accumulators succumb to. It’s a real body-blow to suggest bringing things in.

I worked with what they had first: re-positioning LR furniture to balance room and show fireplace, then hung art that had been stored. •

  • Removing the china and tablecloth in DR added a strong and clean line to the room
  • Framing all windows with stationary drapery panels amplified views and natural light while adding drama, color and contrast

After about 3 hours to tweak and re-work the house, and approx. $750 for drapes, rods and install house was ready to re-shoot. Re-listed at original ask, sellers had signed contracts for 99.1% of list in 47 days


The Refreshed Home has handled a number of staging projects for our office in the past several years. Marie’s quality of work and reliability give us all peace of mind when she engages with our clients.

Many stagers have come and gone over the years, but Marie keeps providing us with great value for our clients and a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude, day after day. I would highly recommend Marie for any homeowner.

Jonathan Lerner
Owner-Broker Five Corners Properties Scarsdale