When Life Has Other Plans: Dobbs Ferry


The seller’s parents bought the house decades ago. He was ‘a solo’, the go-to person for his mom, and the house after his dad passed. This house had meant everything to he and his parents.

The house 2 BR, with an unexpected floor plan. Decades of development saw traffic and road noise swell. Sound and maintained, but the house was dark. Finishes were worn and dated, and there was a lifetime of memories to go through.

Consults lay the groundwork for the scope of the job: not just what should be done, what it should look like, but why, how it’ll get done, and what it’ll cost.

He and his family went through the papers, each drawer and closet, taking what they wanted and what was important; I took care of the rest, donating, recycling or taking to the curb. Essentially, every surface was made new:

  • Wallpaper removed, everything painted
  • Removing carpet and linoleum revealed beautiful wood floors that only needed a light buffing and polish.
  • Clarified location of 2nd BR by moving some MBR pieces
  • Simple ready-made window treatments were installed letting in the light while softening the view. (We also made a very big deal about the garage, and world-class workbench!)

House sold in 93 days, at 91% of original list. Buyers and their parents were thrilled, there was a new baby on the way and they had family in this neighborhood. He loved the workbench, they even insisted the window treatments be written into the contract!

Beyond the financial ROI this seller saw doing the work to make this house whole again as a way of honoring his parents, and walked away from the house, and the closing table with an eased mind and gladder heart.


My mom’s passing left the full weight of cleaning out, and selling her home on my shoulders. Having cared for her during the last several years, I was emotionally spent, overwhelmed by the task ahead of me. 

Marie’s Staging had helped sell two other houses within our extended family, so I knew she knew her stuff. Also, she’d be a trusted guide, easing my burden, recommending reliable and affordable tradesmen to do the work. 

Positive, upbeat, and a constant source of options and good ideas! – Marie was steadfastly encouraging when I lost faith or was tired, reminding me to take good care of myself during this demanding time. Along with my trusted realtor, she became part of my personal Team, providing invaluable help that restored my mother’s home to a lovely state, and won us several bids from buyers. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

G. Golio
Dobbs Ferry